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"sleep in Evermore, Neverafter"


released February 24, 2016

Produced by So Much Face
Recorded at Big Yellow Studio, Tuxedo, NY

Tom "Bone" Jenkins - guitar, vocals, piano, organ, harmonica
Christian Vaught - bass
Seth Denberg - drums

Greg Dawson - pedal steel on 'Keep It Simple', 'Puppy Love' & 'Sleep On The Lawn'- mandolin on 'Puppy Love' - lap steel on 'Sleep On The Lawn'
Jason "Ziggy" Zides - saxophone on 'Jersey Girl'

Technical consultant : Greg Perman

All songs ©℗ by Tom Jenkins/Chocolate Wolf Music

Engineer & Mastering by Christian Vaught



all rights reserved


So Much Face Tuxedo Park, New York

So Much Face is an American eclectic musical group from New York whose music spans multiple genres including rock, psychedelia, folk music, blues, country, punk, experimental music, and many others.

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Track Name: Degeneration
Howling at the Sun,
Choose the Chosen One

Do the Masquerade,
Why ask why?

Bite what you can chew,
Conquer Xanadu

Pleasure Principle,
Tired sky.

Drown the parasites

Read yourself your Rights

In the name of fun

Here it comes


Cast away your bones,
Ring the telephone

Shot in the dark,

Sons and Lovers swing,
Undercover kings

Everybody needs

Secret alphabets,
Reciting calculus

Dancing to the guns,
Here it comes


Grease the saddle soap,
Hanging on a rope

Send the cavalry,
Wrong and write

Teach to chew the cud,
Nip it in the bud

Sleep in Evermore,

Cell depletion runs

Lifting sixteen tons

The hangman has been hung

Here it comes


Track Name: Plastic Boomerang Machine
I've got an elevator in my mind
leaving everybody behind
I'm not late
and I'm at the gate
I've got a diesel generator to pump
a weasel alligator to dump
it's a sin
the shape we're in
I've got a million and one reasons to stay
I've got one reason to go away
you're not here
and it feels so queer

I'm in the middle of a midnight snack
when the demon thieves launch an attack
there's no peace
without a little grease
Plastic boomerang machine
crunching numbers on the green.
I'm trying to read the writing on the wall
but they got me waiting out in the hall
it's dark and damp
and I need a lamp
they got excuses for the wind and the rain
they got uses for personal pain
it's all in the Book
all you need is a hook
I got a hammer and a cyclical cell
gonna dig myself a wishing well
I wish you would
I wish I could

They keep sayin' it's the end of time
people prayin' while they're waiting on line
to fill the tank
and break the bank.
Plastic boomerang machine
punching holes on the silver screen.

Plastic boomerang machine
stepping into another scene.
Track Name: Gunslingin' Tulip Dancer
Gunslingin’ Tulip Dancer
where have you been
looking for true romance
or bounded up in sin?

Gunslingin’ Tulip Dancer
take off your mask
there’s no need to hide your head for
such a simple task

with a face you’re the one
shooting holes into the sun
in a while you will see
you’ll be dancing on your knees

fun lovin’ devil’s angel
lost in Paradise
infernos in your eyes
with a heart as cool as dice

is your temptation fleeing
fleeing from your veins?
your package broken in the bathroom
running down the drain

with such grace you blow your gun
until all your work is done
and when left for all to see
you’ll be dancing on your knees

Gunslingin’ Tulip Dancer
lay down your arms
or would there be too great a chance of
turning off your charms

Gunslingin’ Tulip Dancer
Miss Misunderstood
let me know next time you plan to
visit the neighborhood

with a face you’re the one
shooting holes into the sun
in a while you will see
you’ll be dancing on your knees

with such grace you blow your gun
until all your work is done
and when left for all to see
you’ll be dancing on your knees.
Track Name: Wrong
it’s all gone
gotta get away
from the curse
but I’ll probably do it anyway

no choice
got a voice
but nothing left to say
gotta wait
tomorrow is another day

I can’t see for the light
you and me we are right
so out of sight

it’s just a song about
the one who wouldn’t stay
but it makes me
wanna find a place to hide away

turned on and then you turned away
don’t like it
but I guess it’s gotta be that way

so much time
has gone by
and I still wonder why

I have to leave
I have to go
I don’t believe the word no
say to me it isn’t so
oh, oh, oh

I can’t see for the light
you and me we are tight
I’ll make it right
I’ll make it right
Track Name: Keep It Simple
Lookin’ for a brand new sky
I don’t even know why
She keeps my eyes wide
And my brain high
I don’t want to try to go
There ain’t no way that I can know
There’s nothin’ that I can do but
See that I make it through
And keep my eyes on me
And keep the shine on free

Everybody’s full of wit
Talkin’ ‘bout they’re gonna quit
Talkin’ ‘bout they’re gonna go
But they just don’t know
And everybody’s on their way
Everybody’s got something to say
Well I’m just gonna sit right here and
Talk to me
You can see me when I run
You can meet me in the sun

I don’t wanna talk about
The things that I don’t care about
I’ll just groove along
If it keeps the problems down
And I don’t wanna be your boss
And I don’t wanna be your boss
I just wanna get my way
Back down the road
Keep on talkin’ to my soul
Keep on diggin’ up the coal.
Track Name: Puppy Love
Many untruths 
have been told about youth 

and that there is no use in being useless 

well forget their stories of power and glory

and the feats of the mean and the ruthless

for they leave no room for the gentle broom 

that sweeps away at their games 

it poisons the greedy 
and feeds the needy

makes a man a boy and a wild stallion tame

She was a master of
She was a master of
She was a master of puppy love

a gentle kiss from a midnight mistress
will make your world like a crib
it’ll give you and take you
and your heart it might shake you
but you won’t have to tell her no fibs
so don’t throw away your heart
you know it’s only time to start
to learn once again how to crawl
and when you do face her
be sure to embrace her
and always say nothing at all


so when life’s feeling low
and you got nowhere to go
and you can’t get a breath of fresh air
you’ll soon realize when you look in her eyes
your troubles they ain’t even there
and if you awake and you find your world’s breakin’
and you feel only like destiny’s prey
just take a deep breath
move a little closer to death
close your eyes and say

Chorus X 2
Track Name: Jersey Girl
Jersey Girl 

it's lonely being single 

Thursday's here 

let's go out and mingle 

Jersey Girl 

see you at 7:30 

dollar shots

darts and talkin' dirty

I've been to the highway

I've been to the shore 

and I've had things my way

I don't need another chore

Jersey Girl 

I bought this record for ya 

it's underground 

new things from California 

Jersey Girl 

movin' out is expensive 

and it's a cruel world 

your ex-boyfriend's down in Memphis

I've been to the mountain

I've been out to sea

I drank from the fountain

I guess I'll never be free

I've been to the Parkway 

I've been on the shore 

I've done things the hard way

I don't mean to be a bore.
Track Name: Sleep On The Lawn
Sleep on the lawn
Tell me it’s wrong
Castle’s high
All inside
Windy heels
Don’t know why

Keep in the light
Stay out all night
Wind it blows
Where it goes
Exit now
Don’t know how

Sleep on the lawn
Too far gone
Comfort pill
Sends a chill
Love just stares
Don’t know where.